Just a Little Bit of Inspiration Part Deux!


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If you have read my blog for some time you know that I like to be inspired. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post called, Just a Little Bit of Inspiration! I talked about how Andrea Lewis YouTube Channel is very inspiring for my fellow 20 somethings. This summer I won her #SelfLove Tank giveaway! If you want to find out more about Andrea Lewis check out her YouTube Channel.

For this inspirational post I want to spotlight a YouTuber (Kris) that I have subscribed to for years. When I subscribed to Kris she had one YouTube Channel, CrystalRoseLove. Now she has another channel, BeautifulLifeToday. Both channels are great. On her main channel she talks about relationships, beauty, hair, and fitness. The one thing I notice about Kris is that she is passionate and has a happy approach on life. I am a firm believe that if you want to be a positive person you have to share positive things and think positive. Escape the negativity (of course some will be there, but work on minimizing it). We can focus on the outside beauty, but we need to also focus on the inner beauty as well. Her BeautifulLifeToday channel showcases her inspirational bits on how to be positive, happy and beautiful on the inside. You should check out both of her channels.

Both Andrea Lewis and Kris are amazing women that are positive. They smile and I can tell that they are positive people in life outside of YouTube. When I watch BeautifulLifeToday and Andrea Lewis I feel inspired. In general when I read inspirational quotes, books or surround myself by motivational people I get inspired.  Continue reading

Style Bits & Bobs of M.E. Turns 1 Year Old: My 1st Blogiversary


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First Blogiversary SM


I’m so happy today. Style Bits & Bobs turns 1 Year Old. It’s my blogiversary! Wow! A year ago I started Style Bits & Bobs of M.E. as a creative outlet. When I started my main goal was to share my creative side in terms of Style and DIY. This past January I decided to share more lifestyle posts with you. I am happy with how my blog has grown and excited to share more things with you.

This month I am introducing a series called 20 Something Series. I was inspired to start this series when I first came across Sam from Smart Twenties blog. She is amazing and we emailed back and forth about blogging. I want to share more of my experiences as a twenty something. Currently I am a late twenty something and I have learned a lot about this decade and about myself. It has been a quite interesting journey and I am happy to share it with you. I’m still nervous about coming out of my shell with my identity, but I will soon. Stay tuned!

Also, I want to share more of my creative side with you with more DIY projects (skin, hair and more) and soon actual styling posts in addition to my Polyvore style posts. Kendra from Closet Confections is amazing and her style is somewhat similar to mine. I contacted her earlier this year and she gave me some great feedback. I’m working on find ways to improve my photography. I’m excited, but nervous to put myself out there. I will shake this feeling and give it a go! If you have any suggestions let me know.

Thank you for all my subscribers old and new that have subscribed to me. I really appreciate it. This blog is a chance for me to share the things that I enjoy with you. I hope that you get some inspiration, feel happy and creative when you read my blog.

What type of posts are you looking forward to see?

Thank you for all of your support!

Style Bits & Bobs of M.E.

Back to School & Work Style Essentials


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My Back to School & Work Style Essentials:

It’s that time of year again – Back to School Season! Woo Hoo!

When I was in grade school one of the reason I looked forward to fall was going back to school. Fall is around the corner and it is time to get ready! Whether you are a student or a working professional here are my back to school and work style essentials:

back to school and work style essentials

Continue reading

Fitness for Home Workouts


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Early this year I shared my tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle and now I want to share the fitness part of that post. For all of my people out there that like to workout at home this post is for you!

Here are My Favorite Fitness People to Watch and Apps to Use:

  • Nike Training Club:
    This is my favorite workout app. I have tried other workout apps, but this is my all-time favorite. It has different fitness levels and has workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minute workouts. When I do these workouts I feel the burn. Also, some of their workouts (the 15 minute ones have all-star athletes like Gabby Douglas or Serena Williams). :-)
  • Fitness Blender:
    After discovering Nike Training Club I went to YouTube to find some fitness videos from fitness experts. Fitness Blender is a YouTube channel hosted by a married couple that are certified fitness experts that have workouts for all fitness levels. I like their videos because they are fun and when I do their workouts I feel like they are working out with me. If you check out their YouTube channel I’m sure you will find some workouts to fit your needs. There are over 200 videos on their YouTube Channel. This was the first YouTube fitness channel I came across. If you join their website, FitnessBlender you can mark your favorite videos.
  • HangTightwMarC:
    The next fitness YouTube channel I came across was HangTightwMarC. MarC is a fitness expert that has a lot of workout routines for different levels. I like her videos because she explains how to get started with a workout routine and she has an awesome personality. Plus she has more in information on her website, HangTightwMarC. She talks about health and shares the things she uses for her natural hair along with her varied workout videos.
  • Blogilates:
    Around the same time I came across HangTightwMarC was the time I came across Blogilates. Cassey is a fitness expert and every time I do her workouts I feel her energy. She has will push you to work out. She has a bubbly personality and shares healthy recipes along with her fitness videos. I like her videos because she has affordable easy healthy recipes and has different workouts to pick from. You can find more information on her website, Blogilates.
  • Thinking about Sworkit:
    Since Nike Training Club is the only fitness app on my phone I was curious to checkout other fitness apps. A few months ago I heard HeyFranHey talk about Sworkit on her YouTube Channel. She said that if you are a fan of Nike Training Club you should enjoy Sworkit. I have not checked it out yet, but I will soon.
  • Bonus: Walking and/or Running:
    I absolutely love walking. Walking is great exercise and it allows me to unwind. Running is another great exercise and I am looking forward to start running in the near future. Do you run, if so what tips do you have for beginner runners?  I will like to hear your tips. Share below.

If you want to find out more ways to work out at home check out Olive Apple’s Post about Best Home Workouts! If you want to learn more check out my How to Stay Healthy During Summer Vacation Post.

Have tried any of these fitness apps? Do you watch any of these Fitness YouTube Channels? Comment below.

Digital Detox


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Hi Everyone! I cannot believe it has been a month since my last blog post.

For the past few weeks I have been M.I.A., not by choice, but by necessity. It was time for me to do a digital detox because I needed time to recharge myself before resuming blogging. Before my digital detox I did not know it would turn into an actual digital detox. A digital detox is a period of time to stop using your digital outlets, including by not limited to: social media, internet, phone or any other technology of your choice. The amount of time for your digital detox depends on you. You can set a time or just go with the flow. I decided to set a minimum of two weeks and add more time if needed. Let me tell you it was easier than I thought.

I remember the time before all of this social media. Life was simple. Ha! This fall will mark me being on: Facebook for 10 years, using YouTube for 5 years, Twitter for 2 years, Pinterest for 2 years and blogging for 1 year. Yikes! That is a lot of social media! How long have you been on social media? Social media has its pros and cons like anything else. My main pro is that social media is great for e-networking, especially if you are more introverted and my main con is that social media is too much sometimes. Continue reading

DIY Tassel Bookmarks (2 Methods)


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finished bookmark in book

I haven’t made bookmarks in a long time since this bookmark DIY. This has to change. Since I like reading I need to make more bookmarks. The other day I wore my tassel loafers and I was inspired to make many things with tassels. The first thing I decided to make were tassel bookmarks. Currently, I am playing around with some other ideas. When I finish these projects I will share them with you.


tassel bookmark materials

  • Scissors
  • String of your choice like string, yarn, etc
  • Fabric (I used some leather and fabric from my stash)
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Book (use to wrap the string around to create your tassel)

For this DIY project I will show you two ways to make tassel bookmarks. The first way is the easiest and most traditional way to make a tassel bookmark. The second way involves playing around with materials I found around the house. Keep those scraps of fabric. They are perfect for upcycled DIY projects.

How to Make a DIY Tassel Bookmark (2 Methods): Continue reading

How to Stay Healthy While on Summer Vacation


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I cannot believe we are already in July. Where did the time go? It is getting so hot here and I am counting the days until fall gets here because it is extremely hot. Please hurry up fall. Please. lol Since many of you are planning to go on vacations this summer I wish you well and hope that you have the most amazing time ever. :-)

How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation:

1. Stay Hydrated:
No matter where you travel, staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do. I know when you are on vacation you will want to drink many tropical drinks because they are both beautiful and delicious! But remember don’t forget to drink good ole’ H2O. While you are packing toss an empty water bottle in your suitcase. Fill your water bottle up with water at the airport and take it with you when you go outside. This will help you stay hydrated.

2. Wear Sunscreen:
Another important tip is to wear sunscreen.  No matter what your skin type you have to protect it. I cringe every time someone says my skin is doesn’t need sunscreen. All skin needs sunscreen. When you wear sunscreen you protect your skin from sun damage. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and you need to protect it. Make sure you have enough SPF for your skin and follow the instructions on applying your sunscreen regularly. I have sunscreen, but I am still on the hunt to find the perfect sunscreen. I am looking for a natural sunscreen that is good for oily and sensitive skin.

Continue reading

My Summer Reading List (+Bonus TV List)


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Now that summer is here I’m going to share my summer reading list. Click here to see my spring reading list. Sometimes coming up with seasonal book lists can be a challenge, especially if you like to read. For this summer I decided to pick some books based on recommendations and books that will inspire me. What book will you read this weekend?

My Summer Reading List: Continue reading

Style Inspiration: Bright Colors for Spring & Summer


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Now that spring is coming to an end and summer is officially starting this weekend it is the perfect time for me to share my style inspiration at the moment. If you have followed my blog for some time you may have a little idea of my style. If not check out a few of my style-related post. For the most part I do not wear bright colors. If I go bright or bold I like to add accessories or prints. I don’t know why I am afraid of bright colors. Bright colors are fun! After watching countless episodes of The Mindy Project and New Girl on Netflix during my TV breaks I am inspired to add bright colors to my wardrobe. Both leading ladies wear bright colors well! It looks good on them so why not give bright colors a try! I have talked about adding bright colors into my wardrobe for years. The time is now! Right?

Style Inspiration: Bright Colors for Spring & Summer:

Bright colors for spring and summer1.Blue:  Blue is my all time favorite color. Maybe it is because it is the color of my birthstone. Hmm..To me blue is a color that looks great on everyone. Navy is one of my favorite shades of blue. However it is not the brightest.

How to Amp up Blue: Wear cobalt blue.

2. Yellow: During the spring and summer I see a lot of yellow, especially pale yellows. I don’t really wear yellow, but when I do I like to go for a mustard yellow because it is not as bright. Now that the temperatures are rising I want to take yellow to the next level.

How to Amp up Yellow: Wear really bright yellows such as lemon or neon. (Yikes…I’m not sure about the last one!)

3. Red: If you look in my wardrobe I do not own anything red as far a clothing goes. The only two red things I own are: red lipstick and a red bow belt. Red is bold, and red is a show stopper. I remember hearing someone say: When in doubt wear red. Now, that I am curious about wearing red I want to get a red dress. Most women have a little black dress. Why not a little red one?

How to Amp up Red: Wear intense reds that complement your skin tone such as blue based reds or orange-reds. Get a little red dress.


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