Dear Twenty Something Series: Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin


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I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I cannot believe December is here. Where did the time go? I took a small break and now I’m back before the next round of holidays.

Let’s get started with a new Dear Twenty Something Series Post – Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin:

As a late twenty something I have had my share of ups and down. My twenties have been filled with many lessons learned and shaped a bit of who I am today. In my last DIY post I talked about how I’m going to share more of my creative side with you, in terms of my skin, hair and the different accessories I like to make. This is a part of being comfortable in your own skin – being creative. I believe it’s important to let yourself go, be free and dance if you have to shake the pain or discomfort you feel away. Do it now! Don’t you feel better? I know I do.

I know we were all taught that we have to look within ourselves to be truly comfortable without ourselves. As cheesy as it sounds it’s true. Being comfortable in your own skin can be a challenge, especially for women due to society’s quest for perfect hair, body, skin and everything else advertisements like to tell women they need to have. We have to accept that we are good the way we all no matter what.

I remember when I entered my twenties I had a picture of what my twenties would be like. All of the pressures to be a certain way and questioning myself were things that I thought would be left to my teenage years. Now as a late twenty something I can say these things changed. As I matured I became more comfortable with my skin inside and out. I tell myself everyday I am thankful and blessed for what God has done for me. What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for all the inspirational things I have heard lately. Every weekend I watch one of my favorite inspirational people, Miss Andrea Lewis. I relate to her so much because we are around the same age, both natural curly girls and most importantly believe in living a positive and inspirational life! Every Saturday morning I get excited to watch her videos because I know after the video I will be inspired :-)

Here are 5 Ways to Become Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Continue reading

Oils: DIY Hair & Skin Oil Mix


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In my introduction DIY hair and skin post I talked about how I will start sharing more hair and skin DIYs.

Let’s get started!

Oils: DIY Hair and Skin Oil Mix:

my hair and skin oils

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My Favorite Fall & Winter Footwear


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Now that the weather is getting cooler (it was so cold and windy today) I get so happy about wearing my fall and winter shoes. If you want to check out what else I like about autumn check out my autumn appreciation post. I pretty much wear the same shoes all year. Just last week I was talking to my aunt about going shopping for some new shoes. So I checked the internet, Polyvore and some of my favorite style bloggers. Now, it’s time for me to go try some on.

I’m not a shoe person. I’m more of a clothing person (especially dresses and jackets/coats.) Plus I tend to wear the same shoes over and over. I like the worn in look (for most of my shoes). Hopefully, I can find what I am looking for in store. I’m picky, especially when it comes to shoes (since I don’t like to have too many and I like shoes that can go from season to season).

Here are My Favorite Fall & Winter Footwear:

my favorite fall and winter footwear

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DIY Hair & Skin Care Introduction


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If you have followed my blog for some time you may know that I started this blog as a creative outlet. I enjoy share bits of inspiration, pieces of my style and some DIYs. After sharing my last DIY I decided now is the time to share more of my other DIYs with you. I have some other DIYs up my sleeve – hair, skin and more accessories! :-)

Throughout my teenage years I have been at war with my hair and skin. My skin and hair suffered because I was always stressed out. Between juggling lab assignments (I’m a scientist), writing and have a bit of a social life, I was busy. Years later I changed my diet, starting exercising more and started experimenting making my own products for my skin and hair. Since I am a scientist and I like doing experiments, why not make my own products…hmm.

Let’s get started!
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#AutumnAppreciation Plus a Bit of Inspiration…


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Two months ago I came across Olive Apple’s post: 7 Reasons I Love Autumn tag and I knew I had to do it because Autumn is my favorite season! Woo hoo!

Check out her post

Autumn makes me feel happy and I enjoy taking walks with a gentle breeze as the leaves fall.

Here are a Few of My Favorite Things – Autumn:

(Cue The Sound of Music Instrumental –  My Favorite Things) :-) Continue reading

Fall Style Inspiration from TV Stars: New Girl (Jess), The Mindy Project (Mindy) & Once Upon a Time (Belle)


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As you may know fall is my favorite season hands down. The weather is nice, the clothes are more of my style and there is a nice cool feeling in the air. What is your favorite season? This past spring I wrote a post about Spring Style Inspiration from TV ladies and I decided to make a fall edition. Maybe this will be a series? Hmm…Not only is the fall the best season it is a good time for TV. Here are my top Fall Style Inspiration from TV Ladies:

My Top 3 TV Style Inspirations for Fall: 


Since fall is here I decided to put three different looks for every occasion.

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10 Things I Would Tell my 20 Year Old Self Part Deux:


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In my first Dear Twenty Something Series Post I shared 10 things I would tell my 20-year-old self. Before I start sharing blog posts about twenty something issues I want to finish this list. Here’s the last part of: 10 Things I Would Tell my 20 Year Old Self. What would you add to the list? Share below.

10 Things I Would Tell my 20 Year Old Self Part Deux: Continue reading

DIY Statement Tassel Necklace


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In my last DIY post I made tassel bookmarks and after I finished making the bookmarks I had left over tassels so decided to use the left over tassels to make a tassel necklace.

me in diy tassel necklace

So I was all set to make a tassel necklace and then I found some extra things in my craft box from making my DIY square knot necklace. Hmm. Why not combine my left over craft things to make a statement necklace using tassels, a square knot and beads…

Now, I have a super cool DIY Statement Tassel Necklace!

tassel necklace1 w label


Let’s get started! Continue reading

Fall Reading List (+TV Bonus)


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My favorite season is here: Fall! Woo hoo! If you checked out my summer reading list you may have noticed I picked out some inspirational books. This fall I’m going to continue reading inspirational books.

My Fall Reading List: Continue reading

Dear Twenty Something Series Introduction


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In my 1st Blogiversary post I talked about the new series I am starting. I’m excited about starting my Dear Twenty Something Series because as you may know I am a twenty something, specifically a late twenty something. My fellow twenty something women: Smart Twenties, Twenties Chic and Advice from a Twenty Something really inspired me to start this series. They were the first twenty something blogs I followed. When I first starting blogging a year ago I did not know that there were blogs about the twenty something experience.

Before I get started I want to share this funny video by Akilah, Obviously called Twenty Something Fridays. When I saw this video it made me lol. It sounds a bit like me minus the wine. ha! Akilah is a twenty something that shares comedy videos with a bit of hair videos tossed in. She is awesome! She’s funny :-)

Now, that you are cozy grab yourself a cuppa tea and let’s start chatting about our twenties!  Continue reading


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