10+ Gift Guide for Every Woman in Your Life II:


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cue music. Since I didn’t share a gift guide last year I wanted to make sure I did one this time around. These are gifts that I would like to receive myself and that I would give to the women in my life. Shout out to my mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and cousins. :-) I love them all!:-)

10 + Gift Guide for Every Woman in Your Life II:

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1. DIY Jewelry or Accessories: I’m big on accessories. Whether you DIY or buy accessories look for accessories that make a statement. Since it’s getting cold I’ve been playing around with more scarves and headwraps. Both are stylish and functional to protect my natural curly hair. Awesome gift for any woman.

2. Cambridge Satchel: When I think of a Cambridge Satchel I think of my dreams of living in the UK as a researcher one day. This satchel is perfect for school, work or everyday. I like the classic brown or oxblood/navy color. Plus you get free embossing. Nice gift for the stylish professional woman.

3. Lush Wrapped Gift: Lush is a girl’s dream beauty store next to Sephora. It smells so amazing and everything is so pretty. I went there a few weeks ago and spotted these pretty wrapped gift sets. There are so many to pick from. I like that their products are natural, sustainable and that they have vegan options. This is a great gift for the vegan woman in your life.

4. Limited Edition Autographed Book: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling (in-store only- Barnes and Noble): If you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Mindy Kaling. Her personality, her style (on and off-screen), The Mindy Project and her writing. I read her first book and I liked it a lot, but her second book is even better! I’m looking forward to her next book. Finish the gift with cute DIY teacup bookmarks or DIY tassel bookmarks. The reader and woman in your life that has wit and humor will like it. Continue reading

My Signature Series: My Signature Style and Style Inspirations


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In an earlier post I introduced my signature style series with my signature hairstyle: two strand twist out. Now I want to share how I developed my signature style. It was a long, but fun process. When did you develop your style?

Developing My Signature Style Over the Years:

Back in the Day:

Since I wore uniforms from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade I didn’t really think about my style. My first ever signature style piece were my eyeglasses! When I was six I got my first pair of glasses (like Lavender from the movie, Matilda). I hated them. Looking back it makes me laugh because I absolutely love wearing glasses! ;-)


Photo Credit: Tristar Pictures via Madamenoire.com

Going into My Early Twenties:
When you wear a uniform it’s hard to figure out what your style, especially at a young age. So when I went to college I had no style. I didn’t start developing my style until my senior year. In the process of lacking a sense of style, I gained style and confidence that was right for M.E. I learned a few key things to look for: unique pieces, feminine pieces, looking put together, fun accessories and simple hairstyles (straight with a side bang was my signature hairstyle).

college days with gold sequin cowgirl boots

Approaching My Mid Twenties:
By the time I entered my first year of graduate school I pretty much nailed my signature style and I decided to teach myself how to do simple makeup (next signature style post) since I have a babyface.  And I discovered the YouTube beauty world. :-)

me in blue dress

During this point of maturing, furthering my education and enhancing my natural beauty my style was born. Continue reading

DIY Pumpkin Hydrating Mask for Skin & Hair


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Today is the last day of October and you know what that means: pumpkins everywhere! Whether you use your pumpkins to carve, making pie or decorate your house for Halloween save one little pumpkin for yourself. :-) After all of those Halloween parties, trick or treating and fall festivities why not treat your skin to a DIY pumpkin beauty treatment.

If you have followed my blog for some time you know DIYs are one of my favorite things to do besides reading.

So Why are Pumpkins Great for DIY Beauty Treatments?:


Pumpkins are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, anti-inflammatory, have vitamin A, beta carotene, and zinc which are food that help your body, hair and skin.

Here’s what you need to get started: Continue reading

My Fall Reading List II + Bonus TV List


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Now that we are about a month or so into fall I think it’s time to share my fall reading list. This is my second round of fall reading list. Woo hoo! I’m excited about this reading list because it’s filled with some good reads that are perfect to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon while sipping tea. My tea of choice at the moment is African Autumn. Mmm…What tea are you drinking?

My Fall Reading List II: Continue reading

A Bit of Inspiration III: BronzeGoddess01


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Today I want to talk to you about another inspirational woman, BronzeGoddess01. She is a Christian Life Coach, YouTuber, motivational speaker, an advocate for empowering women and published her first book, The Dating Game: How to Find Yourself While Looking for Mr. Right. This book shares tips for women about dating, self-confidence and knowing their self-worth.

If you want to see a peek about what her book is about check out this video.

I have been subscribed to Bronzegoddess01 YouTube channel for years because of the variety and quality of her content. She does beauty/fashion videos, but my absolute favorite videos are her inspirational/motivational and strawberry letter videos. Both my mother and I enjoy watching her inspirational/motivational videos together. I always know I can count on her videos to be uplifting, genuine and have a Christian perspective. She is one of a kind and I can tell that God gave her the talent to help and inspire people, especially women.

Another reason I like watching the Bronzegoddess01 is the passion she has and her spirit. When you watch her motivational/inspirational and strawberry letters you feel her energy and know that the advice is coming straight from the heart. She does not sugar coat her advice and lets her subscribers know that God hears our prayers. She looks at her subscribers as fellow sisters and brothers and I’m glad that she shares her gift with us.

There are not many people like her and I appreciate her using her YouTube platform to fulfill her passions, career and mostly importantly live for God. “When we make plans, God laughs”. We never know what God has for us. This is why it is important to have faith, thank God and pray for guidance. We can dream so big, but God dreams bigger. God wants us to live for Him and do His work. Everything else will fall into place in His time!

Here are My Top Inspirational Themes from Bronzegoddess01 Videos: Continue reading

My Signature Series Introduction: My Signature Hairstyle – Two Strand Twist Out


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My Signature Series Introduction: My Signature Hairstyle: Two Strand Twist Out:

twist out in blue

Last year when I celebrated my first blogiversary I started my Dear Twenty Something Series. So this year for my second blogiversary I started a new series called My Signature Series where I will share my signature hairstyle, style, makeup and how to develop your own signature looks. It took a long time for me to develop my signature look and I want to help you develop yours. :-)

A few months ago I shared a post called, Confidence Starts at an Early Age: My Natural Curly Hair Story and I talked a bit about my hair journey. After finding a hair routine that works for me I was eager to find a signature hairstyle for my natural curly hair. I always had a signature hairstyle. When I had relaxed hair my signature style was straight with a side swoop bang. On special occasions I curled my hair with a curling wand.

me with side swoop bang

Now that I wear my hair in its natural state my signature style are two strand twist outs. For about a year and a half I wore mini twists and then stared doing twist outs. This style never lets me down.

How to Achieve My Signature Hairstyle: Two Strand Twist Out: Continue reading

DIY Facial Mask for Baby Soft Skin Plus Summer Pamper Routine


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I’m all about doing DIY facials. I like to treat myself to pampering days at least once a week. I have really sensitive oily skin and during the extreme seasons (summer and winter) my skin likes to go bonkers. So DIY facials to the rescue. Besides my DIY Bentonite Clay Facial another facial that I have enjoyed is a Turmeric facial mask with Greek Yogurt and Chickpea Flour. This has been my go-to mask this spring and summer. When I want to switch up my Bentonite clay mask I like to use this one.

Before I start my mask I wash my face. Last year my favorite facial cleanser was Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream and this year I switched to using Shea Moisture African Black Soap as my facial cleanser. I still like the Burt’s Bees Cleanser but I just wanted to try something different. Plus Rite Aid was having a BOGO sale so it was a perfect time to try it out. The bar is so big and I haven’t made a dent in it yet. I feel like it will last forever. lol

Now that my face is clean I can start my DIY Facial Mask for Baby Soft Skin Mask! :-) Yay!

Let’s get Started:

DIY Facial for Baby Smooth Skin: Continue reading

My 2nd Blogiversary Review: Dear Twenty Something Series – Comparing Yourself to Your Previous Self


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Today is my 2nd Blogiversary so I thought it was perfect for me to share a twenty something topic that I have been thinking about for some time. Remember when I wrote a post about stop comparing yourself to others. Well here’s a follow-up to that.

Comparing yourself to your previous self can be just as bad as comparing yourself to others. Hear me out on this one. Smart Twenties knows what I’m talking about. In one of her posts she talked about how her morning routine and how it made her feel guilty for not doing things she used to do. I can agree with her on so many levels. There comes a time when things change. Change is good but can be scary.

I feel like Smart Twenties and I are on the same wavelength with our blog posts. We should collaborate in the future. I have so many ideas for Dear Twenty Something Series Topics.

For me when things change I get stressed and sometimes find myself comparing myself to my previous self. You may think what’s wrong with that? It becomes an issue when you beat yourself up about it. Remember you are not your old self. Your old self has left the building.  You can’t expect yourself to be the same person you were before. Things change, change is a sign of growth. Back in the day you were a caterpillar now embrace your wings as a butterfly.

If you are going to compare yourself to your previous self do it instead in a positive way. Tell yourself all the good things you did and look at how far you have come. You can only get better. Like I said in my introduction to my Dear Twenty Something Series post I feel like the twenties are the adult version of teenage years filled with self-doubt, uncertainty and a lot of changes going on. Feeling this way is normal and a lot of twenty somethings feel this way. Remember you are amazing, awesome and as long as you are being the best you can be you are doing something right!

So how do you feel about comparing yourself to your previous self now? What can you do to shake this feeling? I suggest looking at how you want to improve yourself and set new goals. For example, if you feel like you used to be more fit back then concentrate on becoming healthier. When you get your body moving you will feel better and become a new type of fit that is good for you now.

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My Summer Reading List + Bonus TV Show


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I’m back! How was your summer? My summer has been busy, but good. I was able to spend time with family and relax for a bit. I can’t complain. Now that things have slowed down a bit I’m ready to get back to blogging. My last post was a few months ago and now we are in the beginning of August. Where did the time go?

Since I have been busy this summer I decided to read books that will inspire me and make me think about life. What books inspire you?

My Summer Reading List:
Continue reading

Playing with Printed Pants: Spring Edition


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Great minds shop alike! :-) I was inspired to share how I would wear printed pants in the spring after seeing Closet Confections past few posts wearing pants. I like the nautical feel of her outfits the past few days. After all you can’t go wrong with printed pants. Prints like polka dots, stripes, and tribal are so much fun to wear in the spring and summer. Throw on a hat, a bright lip and cute flats and your outfit is complete!

Here are three ideas for cute easy printed pants outfits:

playing with printed pants

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